Prayer List


22nd April 2021

We start on a note of THANKSGIVING ... for our church family & our world:-

1).... for ANN TURNER.. who celebrated her 80th birthday on Monday ( same day as Sam Dunning’s 91st)... & we thank God for all our  churches‘ sprightly ‘Octogenarians’ & ‘Nonagenarians’  ( there’s well over 30 of them!).... yet even as we celebrate their lives & immense contribution... we also pray  that God will move  others, (even more youthful) to ‘step up’ & pick up their  work in the service of the Kingdom.

2)...for ANGELA FLEMING... (Cindy & Keith’s daughter) for whom we prayed for so earnestly  & so long, and who, rejoicingly, (and fully recovered) celebrated her 50th Birthday last Saturday!!! TBTG!

3)Thanks...that in the last few days we have been able to take our first faltering steps towards a poste-Covid normality....that our churches are now able to begin to make tentative plans for a ‘road map’  out of Lockdown.... that so many of our family,friends & church members have now received ONE (or indeed both!) of their injections.

4)Thanks....for the greater appreciation on the part of so many people of the wonder & beauty of the natural world - which has (ironically) come about as a positive by-product of the Covid Lockdown!

5)Thanks...for this week’s environment/climate change Summit which, initiated by President Biden, takes place amidst a changing U.S. ( & hopefully) international perspective.

6)...Still thinking of the events of the past week we reflect  thankfully on the life of Prince Philip  and all that he has meant,  not only to his family - but to the life of our nation  & the world.  In doing so we also render our own PERSONAL thanksgiving for ALL those whom we have known & loved & who have gone before us......Those whose lives ENRICHED our lives...those who have BLESSED us on our journey...those who have helped to make us WHO or WHAT we are... those in whose presence it was somehow easier to be good.

We thank God for them all.


....and now in INTERCESSION...


1)We think of DOREEN BETTERIDGE - back home now... but progress with her broken hip continues to be hampered by her ulcerated leg problems. ...RODDY FRY...whose improvement  has once again been interrupted. Following a fall last week he again sustained a broken wrist & is once again ‘confined to barracks’.....JANICE HALL... now recovering at home following a replacement knee op. ....COLIN GALL (Stafford) old friend of our Church & regular preacher in our Circuit in care & afflicted with dementia.....Rev. BAS & DOREEN SIDDONS. Spoke to Bas this week.Despite a complexity of health issues he remains ‘up-beat’ & sends his love to all!

2) Thinking of Bas we also remember in our  prayers ALL our Circuit Ministers & SupernumerarIes:- CHRIS AMBLER  JOHN BATE  SUE CULVER  JACOB DONKOH MARGARET EALES  HELEN HOWE  PALO TSHUME  SHEILA WALKER  NIGEL YOUNG ... as well as our Circuit Lay-workers and Stewards and Preachers.

3)... Finally this very POIGNANT time we pray for our Queen  and Royal Family...& indeed,as we do so...we pray for ALL families EVERYWHERE who, like them, have in recent times, been shaken by bereavement ...or illness...or separation ... or family discord....